In today’s episode, we’re joined by Wyatt Knight, Executive Assistant at Bare Performance Nutrition. This episode is jam packed with information on the equation that perspective plus life experience equals maturity. You’ll hear how you can change not only your own life but the lives of those around you. Wyatt has been with BPN for just five months, but feels like he has already accomplished enough for a lifetime.

Ten years ago, Wyatt was working in Harlem, New York, at a non-profit to teach lacrosse to inner city youth. The experience was eye opening for him to say the least. He recalls a moment in which he realized that he had to make the most of the life he was given, and has been on a journey to uncover what exactly that means to him ever since. He felt called to Austin, and in the midst of the pandemic relocated to the city with his wife. His advice for anyone seeking out their dream job is to put yourself out there and put your ego aside. It was while working at BPN’s warehouse during Black Friday that Nick noticed Wyatt’s work ethic and knew he needed to have him on the team. 

Helping others to reach their highest level is what really drives Wyatt in life. He recognizes that in order to help others, you have to help yourself first. He recalls his involvement with lacrosse in high school and college. It was through networking at the University of Virginia that he heard about Harlem Lacrosse, and committed immediately to help open the non-profit. Nick then expands upon the notion that life is not a clear-cut path with a definitive timeline. If you aren’t where you want to be right now, consider it a blessing and a stepping stone to change your life. Rather than measuring your life in terms of career, measure it in experiences and networking instead.

Then, Wyatt reflects on the previous 10 years of his journey. Having checked off several things on his list of life accomplishments, he and his wife decided to move to Florida. He has been involved with nonprofits, corporate sectors, self employed, has had lots of money and no money at all and worked in Eastern Kentucky. When he began making health and wellness a top priority, he realized it was the key to a better world. The community you want to live in starts with you taking care of your own life, which BPN is a true testament of. Wyatt believes every instance he has willingly put himself out there and set his ego aside has worked to get him to where he wants to be. He tells the story of meeting his wife as one of many examples of this.

At Bare Performance Nutrition, people always come first. It’s the individual people who create the community and the right person is a force multiplier. This is why the hiring process is so important and non-traditional. Wyatt is just one example of a BPN team member who goes above and beyond expectations. He stresses the importance of getting involved and helping those in your own community to make the world a better place.

Wyatt considers everyone a student of life. His interest in history began in elementary school and continued as he majored in the subject in college. To him, history is a collection of people, moments and opportunities that make up the puzzle pieces of society. Instead of pointing the blame at others, his advice is to set your ego aside and figure out how to address the issues you may blame others for. 

In closing, Nick reiterates the takeaway of today’s conversation, which is that experience and perspective is everything. For most people, ego and passions get the best of them. There’s no substitute for pure perspective and experience.


0:05 Introduction of today’s episode and guest.

3:38 – Hiring process at BPN.

7:15 – Wyatt’s journey and how he got involved with the BPN.

17:06 – How Wyatt came to work with the Harlem Lacrosse non-profit.

26:38 – Reflections of the previous 10 years of Wyatt’s journey.

29:40 – How BPN’s work connects with the community.

40:30 – Don’t be afraid to go after the things you want.

47:23 – How Wyatt met his wife.

54:10 – Importance of helping those in your community.

1:02:00 – Wyatt’s passion for history.

1:11:06 – Closing words and takeaways.


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