With today’s episode being recorded the day after the birthday of the United States Army, Nick takes this opportunity to discuss how his experience in the army not only changed his life, but has gotten him to where he is today as a leader, business owner, as well as the author of the motivational book, 25 Hours a Day: Going One More to Get What You Want.

With a military family history, Nick jumps right in by describing the exact moment he knew that he, too, wanted to join the army. He credits this moment of inspiration to his cousin Matt. Having been deployed in Afghanistan, Nick remembers the night that Matt returned home to a family dinner as a changed man. Carrying with him a quality of honesty, pride and respect, Nick felt, just like his cousin, that he also had an obligation to be of service.

Having been awarded an ROTC program scholarship, Nick graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) with a degree in Nutrition. His first duty station took him to Fort Benning, Georgia, where Nick describes this moment as the instant he knew he had truly grown up. With the goal of becoming a U.S. Army Infantry Officer, Nick used his time in Georgia to prepare for his future role at his next duty station as a platoon leader, leading and training other more experienced soldiers than he. Although fearful, Nick embraced a major mindset shift and shares the new perspective he developed around success and what it takes to get there.

While passionate, Nick’s journey did not come without its setbacks. During his time at Ranger School, a 3 phase program laid out over the course of 61 days, Nick found himself having to start over after failing Phase 1. Graduating after 145 days, Nick feels the skills he gained during his time in training were invaluable in terms of teamwork, motivation and perseverance. Not only that, but Nick is adamant about the fact that his infantry skills are also directly applicable to building a business.

Nick goes on to reflect on his time at Fort Hood, describing all that he learned from those around him including his fellow squad leaders, sergeants, and soldiers. He speaks candidly about what it was like to eventually transition out of the army and focus solely on Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) and the time it took for him to rediscover a sense of purpose.

Now focused on helping others improve their lives and reach their goals, Nick feels that being in the army has truly changed his life for the better. Nick provides his parting words to listeners, solidifying his belief that choosing to serve in the U.S. Army was the best decision he ever made.

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00:01 – Nick introduces today’s episode.

01:00 – Introduction to The Bare Performance Podcast.

01:42 – What made Nick join the U.S. Army.

04:34 – Nick’s thoughts on ROTC programs.

08:07 – Nick graduates as an infantry officer and heads for Fort Benning, Georgia.

09:57 – The moment you know you’ve truly grown up.

12:37 – Mindset Shifts: Growth is a Choice.

14:54 – How Nick applies what he’s currently reading to all areas of his life.

16:15 – The lifelong impact of Ranger School.

21:10 – How infantry skills are directly applicable to building a business.

22:38 – The Next Chapter: Nick arrives at Fort Hood, Texas.

26:58 – What Nick learned about working with a team.

28:16 – How being in the military got Nick to where he is today.

29:43 – Life after the military: Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN).

32:09 – Nick’s parting words to listeners.


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