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2023 Bodybuilding Show Experience

Author: Nick Bare
Date: June 25th, 2023
Nick Bare

On March 25th, 2023, I competed at the NPC Klash Bodybuilding Show in Orlando, Florida. I started taking my diet, training, and building my physique seriously when I arrived at college in 2009. Since that moment, I have been hooked. It started as a hobby and quickly became an obsession as I learned more and expanded my knowledge. In 2012, during my senior year, I decided to diet and step on the stage for my first bodybuilding competition. It was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, about an hour from my university, and I fell in love with the process, the suffering, and the result. After twelve weeks, the work spoke for itself. In retrospect, I didn’t know what I was doing and was brand new to tracking nutrition and manipulating caloric intake to target fat loss. I placed well, but it was a small show and a small class (I only had to compete against three other guys). After that show, life got wild. I graduated, was commissioned into the US Army as an Infantry Officer, left for Fort Benning, Georgia, for a year, and was then stationed at Fort Hood, Texas as a platoon leader. I spent the next couple of years serving in the military, building my business and training my face off whenever I had the opportunity. I returned to my bodybuilding roots after many marathons, ultramarathons, and triathlons. The spring of 2023 was my opportunity to prove myself right.