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Hybrid Athlete Training

As someone who loves to run and lift weights, I can relate to the struggle to find the right balance. However, with the right nutrition, workouts and recovery, you can achieve both. That is why I've developed the hybrid athlete training program.
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Nick Bare Hybrid Training
Nick Bare Hybrid Training

Strength, Endurance and Hypertrophy

You don't have to choose one
While in the Army as an Infantry Platoon Leader, running, lifting weights, calisthenics, and functional movements were part of regular training; this was what I would consider "hybrid." When I transitioned out of the military, I vividly remember saying, "I will never run a day in my life again." If you know anything about me, you know that this did not last long.

I spent a few months with a specialized focus on strength, size, and power, and while I got bigger and stronger than I ever had before, I was missing something vital. I was missing cardiovascular conditioning and functional ability. I missed running, the physical and mental benefits. So, I started combining running and resistance training to build back into a hybrid athlete.
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My training evolution

In 2018 I signed up for my first marathon in Austin, Texas. After a few months of dedicated bodybuilding and powerlifting, I struggled to finish in under four hours. I returned for redemption a year later, but this time ran slower (4 hours 15 minutes). This was when I decided to go all-in and learn how to balance strength training and endurance. I signed up for Ironman Florida. After training for several months, I was hooked and successfully crossed the finish line.

After completing my first Ironman triathlon, I spent the next couple of years training for multiple marathons (PR of 2 hours 48 minutes), 100-mile ultra-marathons, including the Leadville 100, and a bodybuilding competition. I learned a lot about endurance and how to incorporate strength training to maximize physical potential. Through this experience, I've realized that specialization in training isn't necessarily optimal for most people, but hybrid training is.
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I've created multiple training programs within my fitness training app to help you incorporate running and strength training. These programs are the exact workouts I have used over the last couple of years of dedicated hybrid training. They can be scaled appropriately based on your skill level and experience. Get started today by signing up below, exploring the programs, and committing to the process. Go One More.
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