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2:48 Marathon: Buffalo, New York

Author: Nick Bare
Date: June 25th, 2023
Nick Bare

On May 29th, 2022, I toed the line to run the Buffalo, New York Marathon in an attempt to run below two hours and fifty minutes. In 2018 I signed up for my first marathon in Austin, Texas. It was brutal. I needed to learn how to train for a marathon, didn’t log enough miles leading up to the race, and was unsure how to fuel correctly. After that, I went all in. In 2020 I ran a 3:24; in 2021, I ran a 2:56. The video below showcases the days leading up to my attempt and the race.

I started training for the Buffalo, New York Marathon 2 weeks after crossing the finish line of the Rocky Racoon 100-mile ultramarathon. We documented the entire journey for this race from February 20th to race day. This YouTube series aims to help you PR your next race, whether your first or your hundredth. Our team documented and created content around the five pillars of marathon training, nutrition, incorporating speed workouts, carbohydrate loading, and how to taper leading into race day. You can find the entire sub-2:50 series on YouTube.