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EP 005

Jeff Cunningham

How Running Can Change Your Life, In More Ways Than One

Nick Bare Podcast - Jeff Cunningham - Ep. 005
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • Who does Jeff want to be when he's older? 00:46
  • Running background 2:57
  • Coaching background 5:16
  • Passion for law vs. running 11:00
  • How running can change lives 16:57
  • "Hustle culture" in life and running 21:15
  • Athlete burnout 38:50
  • All in vs. All consumed 42:35
  • Isolated vs. community training 48:22
  • Traits of the best runners 56:10
  • Competitive integrity 58:04
  • Extreme ownership 1:06:23
  • Final words 1:10:00

Lawyer by day, running coach by night – this is Jeff Cunningham. An Austin, TX-based coach with athletes worldwide training for various distances – including Olympic marathoners. He’s the best running coach I know and a sage mentor and friend to many.
Today we unpack the essential traits of successful runners, the impact of “hustle culture” in life and running, what it means to be all in vs. all consumed, and why competitive integrity is the advantage you need.