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EP 014

Seth Godin

Why Business Culture Matters and How To Make An Impact As A Leader

Nick Bare Podcast - Seth Godin Ep. 014
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • The Song of Significance 01:36
  • Why Seth wrote his new book 04:54
  • Hustle culture is a trap 06:55
  • Culture amplifies enrollment 08:19
  • Maintaining culture in a digital workspace 11:09
  • What employees truly desire 12:50
  • New perspective on turnover 15:43
  • Scaling isn't the point 20:52
  • Choosing surveillance or trust 26:23
  • Leaders vs. managers 30:42
  • Teaching through tension 33:51
  • Organization commitments 37:30
  • Significance matters most 41:34

Today’s conversation is one I’ve been anticipating for a long time! Seth Godin’s work as an entrepreneur, author, and teacher has massively shaped the trajectory of my business, and I’m excited to share his newest book, The Song of Significance. Seth is also the author of 20 best-selling books and the visionary founder of Akimbo, an online workshop designed to transform your leadership. In this conversation, Seth imparts invaluable lessons on why hustle culture falls short and reveals why significance is the ultimate aspiration in life. We delve into the essence of being a leader versus a manager, uncover why business culture is more important than ever, and give practical tips on how you can make an impact through your work. This episode will shift your perspective and propel you toward a life of profound meaning.