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EP 003

Dan Churchill 

Discovering The Best Diet For Optimal Health

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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro (00:00)
  • Weight loss vs. fat loss (05:50)
  • Consumer confusion on dieting (07:30)
  • Diet identities (13:00)
  • Plant-based experiment (16:55)
  • Aesthetic vs. performance goals (25:20)
  • Hormone damage (34:00)
  • Finding the best diet for you (38:15)
  • The fifth macronutrient (41:11)
  • Chris Hemsworth diet (47:41)
  • Effects of cutting (52:10)
  • Conditioning in prep vs. out (54:00)
  • Removing seed oils (59:20)
  • Closing down the restaurant (01:09:58)
  • Fear of judgment (01:19:34)
  • Delegate and elevate (01:23:10)
  • Final words (01:26:01)

About This Episode

On this episode, I chat with Dan Churchill, a great friend, and wise council on all things nutrition. Dan is an author, CEO of Charley St protein grounds, and NYC-based performance chef who works with celebrities and professional athletes to reach their fitness goals.

We clear up some confusion on trending diet topics (ever heard of seed oils?), help you find the best diet for your goals, expose false nutritional claims, and break down Dan’s plant-based dieting experiment. Oh, and we discuss if you should take liver pills…enjoy the episode!