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EP 020

Dennis Prescott

Changing The World’s Relationship With Food

Nick Bare Podcast - Dennis Prescott Ep. 020
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • Food is community 01:45
  • Musician to celebrity chef 09:03
  • Servant's heart 24:15
  • Experience with food growing up 31:09
  • Differences in food cultures globally 42:58
  • Changing our relationship with food 52:30
  • Chef's perspective on food 56:37
  • Everyone can learn to cook 1:09:26
  • Making a great sandwhich 1:20:38

Today on the show, we have Dennis Prescott. Dennis is a celebrated Canadian chef, TV host, and cookbook author. A once struggling musician living in Nashville, TN, his new love for cooking quickly became a food obsession, where he started his booming Instagram account full of mouth-watering food photos and eclectic recipes. In this conversation, we discuss topics such as how food can cultivate community, the difference in food cultures globally, and why we need to spend more time at the table. Dennis’s unique background and perspective teach us that we can all create great food, regardless of upbringing.