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EP 026

Jordan Syatt

Training Gary Vee, Interning at Westside Barbell, and Building Sustainable Fitness

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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • Becoming Gary Vee's personal trainer 01:26
  • The email that changed Jordan's life 05:46
  • Self-accountability 10:47
  • Biggest lessons from Gary Vee 15:17
  • Curating your ecosystem 19:44
  • Westside Barbell training 30:13
  • Strength vs. muscular development 44:06
  • Changing styles of training 55:30
  • Athletes vs. general population 1:00:59
  • The struggle for consistency 1:05:21
  • How becoming a father affects your fitness 1:12:53
  • Superpowers for success 1:23:55

Today on the show, I sit down with Jordan Syatt, an expert in all things strength training, fat loss, athletic performance, and nutrition. Jordan shares his most significant lessons from training Gary Vee, stories from his transformative years at Westside Barbell, and how he is currently helping thousands of people build sustainable fitness programs to reach their goals. Enjoy the episode!