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EP 025

Bedros Keuilian

Turn Your Suffering Into Growth

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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • The story we tell ourselves 01:31
  • Power of belief 05:17
  • Bedros' biggest lesson 11:36
  • The moment Bedros changed his story 17:36
  • Removing the glass ceilings 33:57
  • Stacking wins to build confidence 37:36
  • Curating your circle of friends 43:24
  • Mission, purpose, team 54:01
  • Bedros' relationship with leisure 1:08:21
  • Using control for positive 1:15:01
  • Decisions pay us or we pay for them 1:25:16
  • Stepping down from CEO 1:32:14

Many people let negative experiences and trauma have power over their lives and become consumed by them. Others choose to run and ignore. Bedros Keuilian has made it his life goal to help others realize that we cannot out-run or out-smart our past, but we can use it as a catalyst for growth to fuel our success. Bedros is a best-selling author, speaker, business consultant, and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp. Full of wisdom and experience, Bedros shares how we can rewrite the story we tell ourselves, build confidence, and curate a circle of friends to live out our mission and purpose. Enjoy the episode!