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EP 018

Matt Beaudreau

Building The Next Generation of Leaders

Nick Bare Podcast - Matt Beaudreau Ep. 018
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • Who is Matt Beaudreau? 01:56
  • Biggest lie we're told as parents 05:03
  • Creating an environment for kids to flourish 13:57
  • Transitioning from teacher to educator 19:03
  • How our upbringing shapes our adult life 22:38
  • The problem with conveyor belt schooling 31:58
  • Homeschool the right way 47:43
  • Self-responsibility for parents 1:02:28
  • Courage to be disliked 1:12:08
  • Dangers of smartphones 1:14:44
  • Apogee Strong Program 1:20:59

As a former administrator in the “conveyor belt” school system, Matt Beaudreau is now on a mission to transform what education looks like for the next generation. To develop young leaders with responsibility, resilience, and self-confidence through a world-class education that starts at home. In this conversation, Matt gives practical ways to create an environment for your children to flourish, homeschool correctly, and escape the conveyor belt schooling system altogether. Oh, and we tackle the ultra-sensitive topic of smartphone use for children. Enjoy the episode!