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EP 022

Simple vs. Easy

Embrace Simplicity and Uncomplicate Your Life

Nick Pare Podcast - Simple Vs. Easy
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • In-Focus capsules 01:10
  • Simple vs. easy 03:23
  • Being afraid of simple 05:30
  • Simplifying my eating disorder 07:00
  • Examples of simple vs. easy 11:47
  • Why we overcomplicate things 18:55
  • Simple is the highest form of intellect 22:00
  • Simple is a creative superpower 26:30
  • "You don't want an easier life, you want a simpler one" 27:55
  • 3 ways to simplify your life 30:40

Making an idea more complex is a fool’s errand. Highly intellectual and creative individuals strive to simplify concepts. Not to be mistaken for “easier” – because there, we find convenience and convenience is a silent killer. In this episode, I provide valuable insights into the concept of simplicity and how you can simplify your life to take back your time and find success.