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EP 007

Thomas DeLauer

The Effects of Fasting on Fat Loss and Health

Nick Bare Podcast - Thomas DeLauer Ep. 007
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • Strong opinions, loosely held 01:05
  • Weight loss transformation 04:41
  • Building a brand in the fitness industry 11:54
  • Beginning intermittent fasting 17:03
  • Metabolically healthy vs. damaged individuals 23:23
  • Fasting adaptations 29:49
  • Fasting benefits 33:28
  • Most beneficial way to gain muscle 39:50
  • Dieting approach for eating disorders 44:00
  • Damaged metabolisms 53:48
  • Balance running and strength training 58:18
  • Effects of carbohydrates on the body 1:08:54
  • Changing your stance on dieting 1:12:16
  • Final words 1:17:16

In this podcast episode, I enjoyed speaking with Thomas DeLauer, a nutrition researcher and expert in nutrition and performance. His personal transformation has inspired millions worldwide, and he continues to share his experience and insights with others to help them achieve their health goals. During our conversation, Thomas shared his wisdom on the science behind fasting and its powerful effects on fat loss and overall health. He discussed the different types of fasting and provided practical tips for getting started. We then discuss how you can balance strength training and running and why doing both is important for longevity.