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EP 008

My Bodybuilding Show

From Endurance Sports To The Bodybuilding Stage In 13 Weeks

Nick Bare Podcast - My Bodybuilding Show Ep. 008
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • Contents 00:46
  • Most challenging prep I've done 02:10
  • Prep background 06:15
  • Show day placing 09:48
  • Beginning of prep 11:40
  • Changing the show 19:03
  • Effects of an aggressive prep 25:27
  • Bloodwork results on prep 27:40
  • Prep struggles 29:45
  • Peak week 35:15
  • Show day 48:35
  • Post-show updates 56:15

In this episode, I take you through my intense 13-week prep for my first bodybuilding show in over a decade. I lost over 40 pounds, gained immense clarity, and learned many powerful lessons – a humbling yet rewarding experience. I recap my entire prep, from workouts to diet and everything in between. And I breakdown the big day, sharing my thoughts and feelings as I stepped onto the stage and the results that unfolded. Enjoy the episode!