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EP 009

Sam Moffett

How A Digital Ad Executive Is Transforming Agriculture

Nick Bare Podcast - Sam Moffett Ep. 009
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • BPN Supps 01:22
  • Starting a new life on the farm 02:20
  • Sam's background 04:10
  • Farming operations 08:47
  • Regenerative agriculture 13:54
  • Diet before starting the farm 19:30
  • Grass-fed popularity 22:30
  • Grass-fed regulations 28:00
  • Choosing the hard right 37:40
  • Grass-fed benefits 40:00
  • Truth about eggs 44:53
  • Scaling Shirttail Creek Farms 51:00
  • Direct-to-consumer operations 1:03:50

Today I sit down with Sam Moffett, a former digital advertising executive who left a successful job to pursue his passion for regenerative agriculture. Sam self-funded his farm, Shirttail Creek Farms, and took on the challenges of building a successful business in a new industry in hopes of changing our food ecosystem. Sam’s story is of risk-taking and entrepreneurship as he learns how to transform from a city-dwelling executive to a first-generation rancher providing beef, chicken, pork, and eggs to his local community and nationwide. Enjoy the episode!