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EP 010

My Morning Routine

As An Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Father, I Understand The Importance Of A Consistent Morning Routine

Nick Bare Podcast - My Morning Routine Ep. 010
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Key Takeaways:
  • Intro 00:00
  • Changes to my routine 01:45
  • Why you need a morning routine 05:55
  • My morning routine 09:59
  • Making sleep a priority 22:05
  • Limiting screen time 23:46
  • Delaying caffeine intake 26:11
  • Power of morning runs 27:47
  • Adapting to life circumstances 29:40
  • Foundation to start your day 30:52

As an athlete, entrepreneur, and father, I understand the importance of a consistent morning routine. Today, I discuss the habits and rituals I’ve developed to set myself up for a productive day, including strategies for avoiding distractions and incorporating movement and mindfulness in those early hours. So if you’re looking to improve your morning routine to help you reach your goals, this episode offers practical tips and firsthand experiences from my journey that are sure to help. Enjoy the episode!